Features of Gojuryu Karatedo

Spirutal, Physical, Health & Self-defence


1. Spirutal aspect.
Gojuryu helps the pupil improve his or her concentration by focusing on hard practise. Gojuryu also helps him or her exercise self-control and moderation, and become master of his or her own heart. Furthermore, by concentrating on movements, Gojuryu trains the pupil to concentrate spiritual strength and eject the strength as concentrated energy.


2. Physical aspect.
Miyagi Sensei adopted yobi undo, or warm-up exercises, at an early stage to improve the flexibility of joints and muscles throughout the body. The secret to Gojuryu is said to be the ways of inhaling and exhaling in the basic Kata Sanchin. The objective is to properly learn through breathing techniques the up and down body movements, Kenshi Shintai, agility, endurance, and explosiveness in offensive and defensive techniques. As the open hand technique focuses on close combat, the use of auxiliary equipment to strengthen the entire body to improve destructiveness in Irimi is recommended. Gujuryu´s characteristic is for each pupil to train his or her mind and body according to his or her combat abilities by aiming to achieve strong and balanced body through yobi undo and with the use of auxiliary Equipment.


3. Health improvement.
Gojuryu incorporates training that emphasizes abdominal breathing. The basic Kata, Sanchin are designed to train KI, Soku, and Tai. Improvement in inner energy, breathing, and body strength can do wonders for the pupils Health.


4. Self-defence.
When one finds it necessary to protect himself or herself, athletic ability, agility, and mentality to remain calm will be of tremendous help. The mentality nurtured through practice will keep the opponent away. Even if the pupil comes under attack, he or she is able to counter the attack.


5. Gojuryu
can be learned by the young, the old, men, and women according to their physical strength. Through practice that suits each individuals physical strength, the pupil can aim to improve physical strength and inner strength. Gojuryu can be practiced alone, in small space, and at any time according to the body condition and physical strength.